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About us

IPN Brainpower is a recruiting company with a rich history of providing technical staffing solutions, which cater to companies in a wide range of industries (IT, Mining, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Clean Energy and more). 

IPN’s client portfolio includes Canadian and international clients; we have successfully placed number of technical candidates Canada-wide and across the globe.  IPN Brainpower is a premier solution provider whether you are looking for the perfect candidate or for a change in your career.

IPN is dedicated to your needs and is a trusted partner in enabling your success.

We connect the right people!


Our Story

IPN Brainpower GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1997 and based in Nuremberg, Germany is one of Europe’s leading recruiting and staffing companies providing solutions within the engineering sector. Currently IPN-Brainpower Germany has over 200 employees in multiple locations across Germany.

In 2010, IPN Brainpower Consulting Inc. was founded as a subsidiary in Vancouver, B.C., by Ralf Holzapfel (former CEO of IPN Brainpower Germany) who is responsible for IPN’s remarkable growth since. Today IPN Brainpower’s Vancouver team is recognized for  its professional and exceptional ability to effectively deliver results within a given deadline.

IPN is a partner of choice for numerous industry leaders and its dynamic recruitment team strives to set high service standards.


Our mission and values


Company mission
Our goal is to create Win-Win-Win situations for our clients, candidates and IPN Brainpower. Let’s succeed together!

Company values

We believe that the results are as important as the journey itself. We strive to set the industry standard for performance and ethics.

Our Team

IPN Brainpower for candidates

Why send your resume to IPN?


IPN facilitates “the right” placements

Our principal responsibility at IPN Brainpower is to facilitate “the right” placement for our candidates, whether you are seeking permanent employment or contract work. We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.

We have industry recognized clients

Well-established relationships with our clients assure that all stakeholders are informed during the recruitment process.

We put ourselves in your shoes

We understand the complexities of job searches, we have all been there before. We provide all of our candidates with all of the relevant information necessary for one to make an informed decision (culture, strategic direction, benefits, wages and etc.).

You are IPN’s priority

Our job is to ensure your priorities are understood and addressed at all times.

We help you mediate the process

IPN Brainpower is a key intermediary between you and the client. During the hiring cycle we can assist you with negotiations, handling multiple offers, and more. Upon successful placement we follow-up with all of the stakeholders to ensure satisfaction.

Forward your resume – risk free, at no cost and strictly confidential.

There are no risks involved, nor does it cost you anything.  Resumes are held strictly confidential and are never released without the candidates consent. Our highly experienced recruiting team is committed to determine your career goals and to ensure they are realized. This is what one of our candidates had to say about our service:

“IPN Brainpower contacted me with an opportunity to move from consultancy back to automotive. Together we identified the right position and prepared for the interviews. I think that their confidence in my skills was a major contributor to the approach I took to get this job. As a result I was hired, and after 6 month now I am managing a twice as big department and continue to grow in my career.” M.L. Product Quality Manager,Westport Innovations

We at IPN Brainpower have a rich network to help you with all upcoming issues related to relocating and starting your new career path and we are more than happy to assist you with any issue you might need help with. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

IPN Brainpower for clients

11 powerful reasons why your company should work with us

 “Corporate success starts with hiring the right people. Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset”. Ralf Holzapfel, CEO at IPN Brainpower Consulting Inc.

Success does not happen by chance. Hiring the right people is paramount for your organization to perform at the highest possible level. Our team at IPN Brainpower works hard to find the right fit for our clients. How IPN provides value to its clients:

  1.  We take on the responsibility of finding the right candidate. This frustrating aspect of management can be taken care of by IPN.
  2.  Our network is our commodity. Our diverse portfolio of partners & clients is what makes IPN successful at meeting its client’s needs.
  3.  Our network is growing every single day. Our team is consistently engaging with professionals across various industries globally to source the best talent.
  4.  Effective screening is what sets our candidates apart. Our thorough screening processes ensure that our candidates fit your profile and your needs.
  5.  IPN staff is driven by helping people advance their careers. Our “soft skills” enable us to connect with the top talent and ensures that the culture fit between the client the candidate is strong. This enables us to provide candidates to our clients that will remain employed with them much longer.
  6. We adapt quickly to the ever changing economic landscape. The team at IPN understands the challenges of running a modern business in the 21st century. We are able and effective at tackling changes and keeping up with the demands of our clients.
  7. Transparency is our modus. We promote open communication with all of the stakeholders.
  8. The IPN team accepts challenges that their clients are facing and strives to exceed all expectations.
  9. IPN has consistently proven its ability to successfully place qualified individuals in a wide range of roles, even for niche industries that have specific requirements.
  10. We are a resourceful and motivated group of individuals eager to present our clients with honest advice and solutions to their staffing needs.
  11.  A “don’t quit attitude” defines all of IPN staff that persistently works on finding the right employee for you.

PLUS: We never stop learning! We always strive to become better in what we do! “You can never learn less, you can only learn more.” Richard Buckminster Fuller

Solutions we provide for our clients

Primary Services

Executive Search (Retainer based)

The retainer based solution ensures that your organization has access into an untapped talent pool of executives and senior managers. We will ensure that your needs are understood and that the right candidate is identified and placed within your organization within the time frame and budget allotted.

Recruitment Service (Contingent based)

IPN Brainpower is a trusted source to its client base for quality service and consulting. Currently it serves clients withing the Clean Tech, Energy/Renewable Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, IT, Aerospace and Automotive Industries with filling crucial technical roles that ensure their clients’ continued success. IPN Brainpower’s candidate pool is a testament to its reputation and relationship building capacity. It is this aspect of IPN Brainpower that provides most value to its clients as it ensures that IPN Brainpower’s candidates remain longer in their roles within its client organizations.

Contract Recruiting (Contract based)

IPN Brainpower looks to solve the needs of its clients in a complex market that is filled with unexpected turns. Project based hires are increasingly popular and IPN Brainpower is an asset to its client base that seeks to alleviate its project needs by relying on this service. IPN Brainpower seeks to provide its clients with both long-term and short-term contract placements with options for full-time employment, at the clients’ discretion. This specific service enables IPN Brainpower’s clients to resolve their project needs without a long-term obligation to the candidate or IPN Brainpower.

Secondary Services

Job Description Creation

IPN Brainpower understands the importance of writing professional job descriptions. We offer to work with our clients together to help them create job descriptions that ensure they find the right candidate.

HR Admin

IPN Brainpower has extensive experience in managing HR duties for its clients and is providing this service as an outsourced element to supplement its clients’ existing infrastructure. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ administrative workload so that their assets can focus on what is truly crucial for them at a given time.

Resume Screening

IPN Brainpower understands the difficulties its clients encounter when internal screening processes are not streamlined and the demands and pressures placed on internal assets are high. When there is a large volume of incoming resumes we can provide solutions that will enable your organisation to screen the incoming load of resumes and reduce them to the ones that have the greatest chance of being successful in filling the given open role.

Reference Checks

IPN Brainpower’s client base relies on its expertise when determining candidates’ credibility in the later stages of the hiring process. IPN Brainpower recognizes the demands on a HR department that is not capable of dedicating resources to this crucial but time exhaustive element of the hiring cycle. IPN Brainpower will take over this element, conduct the reference checks and provide you with an in-depth report subsequent.

What our clients say:

“IPN Brainpower has provided support to three divisions of Siemens Canada; Energy, Industry and Building Technologies division. They are relentless in their pursuit of qualified candidates and have provided us with candidates not readily available through more traditional sourcing methods. IPN is a proven recruiting company and has a thorough understanding of our business and needs. They have provided us with excellent candidates that consistently hit the mark. IPN is a trusted resource for us and we will continue to leverage their expertise in supporting our hard to fill positions.” Kelly French, Siemens Canada Recruiting Team



“IPN-Brainpower has been working closely with Worley Parsons Canada with its strategic and its ad-hoc staffing needs. I have found IPN to be a very professional and extremely service oriented partner. IPN has consistently shown in-depth knowledge of the mining and resources industry and a strong ability to source for engineering positions. I have found that all issues I have raised are responded to and solved promptly. I appreciate IPN’s contribution to our internal processes and their support to our demanding staffing requirements.” Alex Topalovic, Manager Mining, BC Business Unit Infrastructure & Environment, WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd.



“IPN Team, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the professional approach you brought to the placements recently arranged for us. Obviously, we appreciated the high quality of candidates you sourced, but it was the attention to team fit and specific experience that made the real difference. We especially appreciated your willingness extend your search out of the local area to the eastern USA where your located a key team member. We’ve had several other recruitment companies try to fill our key hires, but it was only IPN that actually brought us the right people.” Andy Aaron, Operations Manager at light based technologies

What our candidates say:

“I would recommend IPN Brainpower’s services for any recruiting engagement due to their personal engagement and thorough follow-up.

Paul Beckwith, Corporate Account Manager at Siemens Canada


”They did a great job in directing me to promising companies and giving valuable hints for the interviews. It was a big advantage to have somebody supporting the way IPN did.”

Astrid Zeppenfeld, Program Director at Westport Innovations Inc.


”Their confidence in my skills was a major contributor to the approach I took to get this job. As a result I was hired, and after 6 months now I manage a twice as big department and continue to grow in my career.”

M.L., Product Quality Manager at Westport Innovations

Our international clients include

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