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Data Privacy
We actively practice data privacy
Protecting your personal information (and thus, your trust) is of the highest priority for IPN Brainpower!
We exercise all due diligence when saving the data we need to collect from you use them only for the intended purpose. All current provisions of the Federal Data Privacy Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz; BDSG) are fulfilled by us. The responsible office in the sense of the BDSG is IPN Brainpower GmbH & Co.KG, Suedwestpark 65, 90449 Nuremberg, Germany.

IPN Brainpower and our technical service providers use suitable technical safety measures to protect the data collected by us from any intentional or accidental manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Our measures are continuously developed according to technical development. If you apply through our portal, your information will be transmitted through a safe https: connection. For the actual process and path of the data transmission through the internet, IPN Brainpower may not assume any liability due to a lack of possibility of taking further action.

Collection and Processing of Personal Information when Using our Website
You may visit our websites without any personal information being required from you. We will receive your computer’s or provider’s IP address and will be able to determine which of our websites you visit to enable us to optimise our online offers for you. Personal information will only be collected if you submit them in the scope of an inquiry, registration, application or other contact, e.g. in the scope of university marketing.

Use and Passing on of Personal Information and Intended Purpose
Any personal information connected to a contact will be collected, processed and used according to the relevant data privacy provisions for the purpose of internal processing of applications or inquiries in the scope of preserving our own business interests in connection with supporting these inquiries and applications. Your documentation will be considered for all open positions, and we will only use your information as long as there are required for the purpose of your application with IPN Brainpower or as long as we have your consent in connection with the request at contacting us. Your information will not be passed on to any third parties with or free of charge or be transmitted for any other than the intended purpose. Where the information is provided to an auxiliary person in the scope of your application, e.g. to a technical service provider, these persons are bound in writing to treat the information confidentially regarding the statutory provisions and to delete them without delay when they are no longer needed.
If we cannot offer you any open position at the moment due to your personal skills, we will include your information in our applicants’ pool subject to your personal decisions and delete them after no longer than twelve months if you do not extend your permission for saving your information. On a written request, you will at any time receive information as to if and which of your personal information we have saved – in this case, however, we are obliged to verify the identity of the person requesting such a thing. For this, please send an email to datenschutz[at]ipn-nbg.de or a fax to +49-911-586866-66. You may revoke your permission for saving your information at any time. Sending us a simple email through our Jobcentre will suffice for this. In this case, we will delete your application documentation at once and confirm the deletion to you.

Changes to the Data Privacy Provisions
These data privacy provisions are updated by regularly according to the changes made to our services and subject to the feedback of our partners and applicants. Whenever we make any changes to this declaration, the date after the note “Last Updated” at the end of the data privacy statement will be changed accordingly. In case of fundamental changes or changes concerning the use of your personal information by IPN Brainpower, a note regarding these changes will either be displayed in a highlighted position before these changes are implemented, or you will be informed by us directly. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check our data privacy provisions to keep your knowledge regarding the protection of your personal information at IPN Brainpower up to date at all times.

We value your feedback to these data privacy provisions greatly. If there are any questions regarding these provisions or if you believe that these are not complied with, please contact datenschutz[at]ipn-nbg.de by email

General Law on Equal Treatment (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz; AGG)
If any contents of our sites or any letters / phone calls exchanged with our employees do, in your opinion, not correspond to your interpretation of the AGG or if you believe that there is any kind of discrimination against you, please contact agg[at]ipn-nbg.de and explain the facts to the officer for equal treatment of our review department.
Last Updated: 21 July 2009
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